The International Society of Mad Scientists

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Land of construction barriers...New Jersey


Josehf Lloyd

Ithaca, NY



My own happy little world, USA

jim adams
Ojinaga, Chihuahua Mexico

Rif Addams
"tinkerers never sleep, we just rest our eyes" I'm nothing more than a tinkerer, a dreamer, and half hearted machinist. Out in my secret workshop I frankenstein bicycles and motors together. But I always have a hundred things racing through my mind all at once. "So many projects, so little time..."
Tacoma, WA

Aaron Agassi
Somerville, MA

Nathan Allen
Chaumont New York U.S.A

Nathan Jeffrey Allen
Orting Washington State 98360 USA

Andy Anand
I am Highly qualified Engineering consultant with over 20 years of field experience. I am PhD qualified in engineering with 3 Masters degree, Master six sigma black belt and Qualified Coach.

Curtis Arnold
I have always denied the title "Mad Scientist" also "Angry Engineer". How about "Grumpy Technician"? Anyone up for some Fringe Science?
Sapulpa, OK USA

mark arthurs

Mitran Ashok

Daniel Ashton
Dear me, um, where do I start? I work with brains, dissecting them, you see, seeing what makes them tick (other then the clock in no.12's head, haha!) and use various chemcials to change perception and cognition. Sorry, mush dash, ta ta!
I havent got time for webpages!

Kyria Aurora
I am currently a Geology major. I am very interested in time travel, string theory, Paleo-Seti theory, Tesla technology, and various other non mainstream theorys of science.

Martin Baker
I am an inveterate tinker, and inventor, and a collector of machines and objects of interest.
Petaluma, California 94954-1565 , USA

Terry Barker
Former high school science teacher, Physics and Math major. Now working as computer consultant.
Richmond, VA

Joseph Barnes
I wish to join because; Mad scientists aren't mad, their just angry with those who are not geniuses.
Spokane, W.A U.S.A

Joshua Barry
Mad Bomber
Torrance, Ca

rob bassett
investigating in the reanimation of dead tissue
akron oh u.s.

Daniil Baturin
Mechanist, mathematician. Formula is only way to describe everything in our world!
Russia, Tomsk

Calvin Beard
Resident Genus & Rocket Scientist. Mad: My boss turned down my appropriation request for the pipe organ in my lab. I still have a sand collection and a pet trilobite. As a profession, I blow things up, smash, crush, dissolve, zap and pulverize. And I get paid for all of this.
Sugar Creek, MO. Winter home on Vulcan.

Jonathan Ben-Joseph
Boca Raton, FL

Bridgette Bennett
St. Louis, MO USA

Krister Berntsen

Michael Best
Greensboro, NC USA

syntheticsynthe billaa
I'm still learning from you, while I'm making my way to the top as well. I certainly enjoy reading all that is written on your blog.Keep the posts coming. I enjoyed it!

Mark Billen
Working from a hidden laboratory deep within the ground, Mark has spent years training highly dedicated, aggessive and intelligent monkeys in the art of warfare. He dabbles in perpetual motion, reanimation of dead tissue, cold fusion, time trav el, neural net uploading and robotics in his spare time. His ultimate goal (apart from world domination, obviously) is to create the ulimate jelly.

I am an ultra mad scientist i enjoy blowing things up and putting acid on my skin and don't forget mixing harmful chemicals
charleston w.v. u.s.a

Patrick Bishop
My ultimate goal: reinventing civilization. What do I need to pull this off? Wire by the mile, various tanks of various metals and glasses, pipes and tubes, a small foundry and forge, about 40 acres of land in some remote place, and a few hearty assistants.
Caldwell, NJ

Black Jet
Microwave Ovens,Magnetrons , High Frequency/High Voltage Electricity EMP , Infra Red , Tesla , Kaos & Anarchy for the Masses , Raising Hell since the late 60's.My web page SUX How much trouble can a gun totin,computer hacking,electrician make ?
Sydney Australia

Clayton Blackwell
Spokane, WA, USA

John blackwell
Mad Science and Audio Wizardry.... North American Institute for Psychoacoustic Research...
Asheville NC. USA


Sanja Bogoeva

James Bonner
Violet street, Londonderry, N ireland

Nishanta Bora
I want to make a blackhole to show other people what I can do.

Lisa Bowman
Salt lake city, Utah

crispian bradley
Crispian drives a heavy vehicle in the construction industry. This new career allows him plenty of brain space and time to conjure up truly mad ideas. favourites involve aviation, mechanical cobbling, cycle-touring, electronics, and at a stretch aero-space physics. Previously careered (sic-read 'out of control') as an Apple computer specialist.
Melbourne, Victoria Australia

David Bragg
I enjoy electronics, computers,amateur radio solar power studing the sun, wild life,human life I just have a great hunger for learning and discovery but i,m crazy and I enjoy my crazy-ness i drive a 93 volvo wagon a great ride for a amateur mad scientists
Lorain ,Ohio

Igor Brainstem
Your humble servant

Shane Brandt
Coming soon: my "Pinholes in the shoebox" theory concerning the cosmos
Tucson, Arizona USA

Warren Brewer
Chemistry/Physics Teacher at Mishicot High School To Teach - To Mold - To Rot Away
Mishicot, WI, USA

Ted Breyere
Denville, NJ

James Bristol
Teaching Assistant in the Science Laboratory at the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind
Colorado Springs, CO, USofA

gary brown
ojai ca usa

Rick Brown
Riverview, FL, USA

Will Brundage
Eugene, OR

Jürgen Brück
I'm a freelance journalist, who is always looking for weired an unusual science.
Bonn, Germany

Nice Bug
A scientist who's doing other people's science; it makes me mad!
San Antonio, TX

Mike Burley
I'm probably only a pseudo-mad scientist. I'm almost 50 years young, have no connection with anything scientific and find that I think a lot while driving. Recently I developed theories for why the earth is hollow, why black holes shouldn't exist and, while stuck in a traffic jam, why there is no such thing as time. These things bother me. Do I qualify?
Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

John Burrow
Tyler, Texas USA

Jeremy Butchart
MUHAHAHA.... er ya... well.
Shelley, Idaho, USA

Andrew Caras
I have 3 designs I wish to pursue. Electric Vehicle travelling 2000 mi on a single charge. Free energy for individual homes or cities. The Interceptor - taking a meteor, asteroid, comet, away from a collision course to earth, with no thrusters required. Biggest problem? FUNDING!!!
Richmond, BC, Canada

Earl Carlson
Saint Paul/Minnesota/USA

Christopher Carlton
My kids have dubbed me a mad scientist. I experiment and have fun creating and making cool things. The best part is that I include the kids and ask them why this or that happened. The have fun and learn at the same time!
Glendale, AZ. USA

Jonathan Carney
Prestwich, Manchester, United Kingdom

Carmen Chan
Conduct fun science experiments for kids at parties

Moriba Chan


Ben Chism
Marietta, MS USA

Jonas Cicenas
I'm PhD student at East Carolina University School of medicine in Greenville, NC. I'm intersted in cell signaling, receptor tyrosyne kinases, PKC. Also I like SF books, traveling and drinking beer. In local bars my nickname is Crazy Lithuanian.
Greenville, North Carolina, USA

Al Clark
Mad Scientists aren't mad, just slightly less sane than all around them. That's what I say and I'm sticking to it.
Edinburgh, Scotland

Confused Clayton
(Confused brother of Confuscius) An emerging authority on AOL typing disorders including the following : (a) typing with a dithtinct lithp (b) Bold and Light Letter Syndrome (BALLS) (C) Boldly Underlined Letter Syndrome (BULL) (d) Bold Or Light Letter Alternate Case Size Syndrome (BOLLACS) I feel I have the nethethary qualificathionth, thkill and enthuthiathm to be in thith honoured thothiety .
Preston Lancs England

Cassandra Clement
Houston, Texas, USA

Janet Cliatt
Math and Science made easy® recognizes the need to help students understand scientific issues that impact our society and the global environment. We believe that our students need to acquire scientific reasoning and thinking skills in order to become life-long learners able to apply reasoning skills to solving problem

Will Cody
I am a 20-something college student majoring in physics with a minor in neurobiology.I also plan to obtain degrees in Aeronautical engineering,writing and philosophy.Hobbies include research into"fringe"science such as the paranormal;rocket and explosives engineering and building replicas of ancient weapons.I'm so sane I'm mad.

Burl Collins
My Latin Motto : Dementis Scientia Sceptrum - Mad Science Rules
Sioux Falls, SD USA

Danny Confalone
I've always wanted to be a mad Scientist
St Constant Quebec Canada

Vanya Jonathan Cooper
Tucson, Arizona USA

Larry Corria
Try to find a science I don't enjoy. They are out their but a definately minority. I'm a Material Engineer, 36, male, and single living out in the Detroit, Michigan Area. If you like Physics, Chemistry, Astrophysics, Particle Physics, Geology, Material Science, Electronics, Technology, or just about anything else science please drop me a line. I have so many questions and just can't seem to find the smart people out there who just might want to talk shop.

Andrew Cox
I am not yet a mad scientist but I am aspiring to that lofty position

Dorthy Cox

dan craft
im an amateur electrophile.i love anything that sparks and arcs. best song ever:toccata and fugue on pipe organ. my ultimate aspiration is to destroy the world. lol(maniacly)
augusta, ks

Rick crammond
I'm a 52-year old inventor/mechanic who is currently developing a Tesla-style turbine made of CD's and supermagnets. I take videos of my experiments and post to YouTube.
sooke, BC Canada

Timothy Crawford
They told me I was mad. We'll see who is mad now!
Channel Islands, CA USA

August Cubillo
A Mad-Man!!!

Jeff Cuffee
I do that thing....bwhahah!
Los Alamos, NM

Joe D
Austin, TX

Larry Dare
If it is mainstrean, it has been done,
Covington, WA

Raphael Dareau
(My webpage is under reconstruction, should be up by 3/15.)
Orrington, ME USA

Martina Daugherty

Otim David
I am a student in high school working out various science projects coz science is just like my life . I love it
Kampala / Uganda

Jeff Davis
Valdosta, Georgia USA

rex davis
if you visit my site youll notice its not finished
albaquerque new mexico

David Deal
physicist, nanoscientist
Asheville NC

Adria Decker
Molecular and cellular biology student at the University of Arizona employed in a Plant Science/Entomology genetic rsearch lab. Today, I clone plants. Tommorow, maybe you.
Tucson, AZ

christophe delapierre
seyssins france

True scientist but mad at heart
Brussels, Belgium

Nino deProphetis
High School Physics Teacher Strath Haven High School in Wallingford, Pa. Walingford-Swarthmore School District
Media, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Omar Desoky
Nuero-Mechanical Links, AI (in its many forms), Robotics, Algorithm Research, Genetics (both in theory and applied gene therapy). Other eclectic pursuits....
Philadelphia, PA, 19104

I am a rotund figure, often seen wreaking havoc in night clubs and old age homes. My face looks like roadkill and my lungs double as tarmac reserves for the construction industry. Several reports have described me as a three-eyed frog with a taste for ethanol but evidence to this effect is lacking. My stomach is a boiling pot of hops, malt and yeast, thus making me an attractive investment for pubs and similar unholy establishments. I once grew my beard so large it made Hashim Amla look like a replica of Jacob Zuma. I have cured the common itch several times using my bare hands and my sheer disregard for personal hygiene.
Gauteng, South Africa

Dan DiRocco
Hughesville Pa

Mike Donaldson
Fairbanks, Alaska

evil donut

George Drumer
Hello. I'm thirty earth years old and still haven't stopped reading. I think the way forward for mad scientists is more secret labs. This could be achieved by 'a little less mad, a little more focus'. Just for a bit, though. Then it could be "mad!Mad!MAD!!!" again. Those fools at the institute called me mad, once. Remember to chew.

Jonathan Ducarr
42 Year old Scot with an English accent (it's complicated), a Vernian at heart since childhood but only recently come out as a Steampunker. LOL !!
Glasgow, Scotland

aslam durrani
An english language post graduate from Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh,is full of various crazy and revolutionary ideas about technology.I think I can change the entire world ,not this only but the entire universe.So many thing I have inside me but......

Aslam Durrani
An English language post graduate from Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh,is full of various crazy and revolutionary ideas about technology.I think I can change the entire world ,not this only but the entire universe.So many thing I have inside me but....

Curtis Dyal
Science, particularly of the distictly mad variety, is the driving force behind all of history!
Longwood, Florida, USA

Mar, Easterly

Steven Edge
Ever since I was a small child I`ve wanted to be a mad scientist.
Middlesbrough, England

Theodore Edwards
My name is Ted Edwards, I am from Pahrump and I have come here to make trouble
Pahrump, NV USA

Mei Egsmy
Kota Kinabalu,Sabah,Malaysia

Miranda Elliot
London, UK

Alexander Emert
I work at a outdoor education facility where I am the resident mad scientist. I go by the nickname of "Professor Quark" and I wear a labcoat all the time. My favorate class to teach is Slime makeing. The kids love it. My second favorate activity is creating technobable gibberish and seeing if the kids actually belive it. I can't wait to tell them that I am actually a member of the International Society of Mad Scientists.
Stroudsburg PA

James Emlen
I think outside the box because I spent too much time hacking games and playing alone so I can never be satisfied until I find out the true nature of something.

Max Engelbach
I'm a teenager from Des Plaines with an exceptional love of science. Right now I'm working on making Star Wars technology a reality - antigravity machines, weapons which shoot bolts of plasma, and fusion reactors. Several friends of mine support my effort s, although they often don't understand them. Those that don't know me well think I'm truly MAD - just wait until I get my superlaser in operation.
Des Plaines, Illinois, United States

John Eslinger
Iowacity, IA United States

matthew eveland
I want to live forever, is that too much to ask?
pace,fl us

George Fain
I'm currently cloning a sub-species of human-angel hybrid in order to supply a rich government with the necessary prototype soldiers to wreck havoc on other first world countries. All for profit, of course.
Huntington, WV USA

David Falconer
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Doc Farmer
Manager and Senior IS Security Analyst, Riyad Bank, Riyadh Saudi Arabia Interest in Quantum Computing, Quantum Cryptography, ZeroPoint Energy, Computer Security future issues, Nanotechnology, DNA computing, Space Travel, FTL Theory, Computer Virus research/prevention. Also Policy Development Advisor to the Official Monster Raving Loony Party
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dennette Farwell
environmental scientist (graduate student) at Tulane Medical Center's School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine, specializing in environmental health sciences. Also have M.A. in Communications & 22 grad hrs. geology. I served twice in governor-appointed public office in Louisiana (one governor was a republican and one was a Democrat!) Also: specialty is toxic and hazardous waste management.
Kenner, LA, USA

Leland Faulkner
I love the history of mad scientists, the imagery, and the trickster role they play in our lives. I am a professional actor and often perform an original comedy routine as a mad scientist.
Auburn, ME, USA

Charles Featherman
Dushore, PA 18614

Dagny Feuerhaar
Universal City, Texas

Gil Finkel
I'm not mad all the time. Sometimes I'm just angry. At stupidity, injustice, lack of sensitivity and egocentrism.
New Jersey, USA

Cora Fitzgerald

Andrew Fitzhugh
Mad scientist, Mad scientist? I'm a bloody livid scientist.
Dunfermline, Fife, SCOTLAND

James Fleming
Philadelphia, PA

Isaac Forman
I am interested in mad science and am a freshman in WV. I thouroughly enjoy my science class and putting acid on my hands.
Charleston West Virginia

Chuck Gadd
I've always had an interest in science and technology, which was fostered and encouraged by some great teachers (Thanks Nino!) Now I'm trying to pass it along to my own son.
Littleton, Colorado, USA

Daniel Gandarilla
I made an explosion with sodium pellets and water. I have also done some titrations and made some buffer solutions. I know how to harness 1.21 gigawatts of electricity.

Wolf Dr. Gangrene
I, Dr. Wolf Gangrene, through my efforts showing horrible old movies and class lectures discusing same, will eventually rule the world and broadcast my program, Chiller Cinema, 24 hours a day on every channel! Bwa ha ha ha ha!!
Nashville TN


Michael Gentry
Ft. Collins, CO

Scott Gifford

Sebastian Giovanni
Longtime devotee of reanimative studies, a la Frankenstein and Herbert West.

James Goede
Edgerton, WI USA

ferre gon
Excentric and eclectic-electric alchemyst - pottery - ceramist - and falconer.
estivella /valencia/spain

the Rev. Dr. Batz Goodfortune
Yes I'm evil. But in a good way. I'm not human. I'm a direct decendant of the tibetan yeti. Minister of Religion, electronic musician and evil scientist. Specializing in electronics, sound, computer and security research. Convicted criminal and international Nihilist. Unfair and unblanced. You decide.
split level hole in the ground South Australia

Paul Grant
Check out the webpage, need I say more?
Philadelphia, PA, 19104 USA

Neal Greenberg
Working on making electronics available to all, especially young students.
Silicon Valley USA

Dimitrios Grekas
The more we learn the less we know, the less we know the more insecure we are, therefore the more we study in order to know, you know!? What do you know?? I know what I don't know, I know what I know so what do I know??????


Nitin Gupta
A mad scientist that aquired his graduation from mmmec gorakhpur and is now involved in research over people. Yes! if you want to talk about people and how they think then do contact me....
NOIDA, UP, India

Akshay Gurumurthy
Better mathematical analysis and designing low cost,yet effective experiments.

Gruff Gus
I have an unnerving interest in the properties of the hydrogen/oxygen molecule and electro-magnetism. I have proved on several occassions that combining the two produces a reaction. Am still investigating where my hair went.
Cambridge UK

Scott M B Gustafson
Contemporary Alchemist turning stones into dreams.
Los Angeles, CA USA

Henry Hagin
Doerun, Georgia, United States

nancy halstead
not a scientist or student, was a nursing student at one time..thought of a mad mad mad mother of two who reads sci-fi of all varieties..heroes=isaac asimov, carl sagen, stephen hawking, mr. spock and data...oops..mustn't forget robert a. heinlein...interested in info on AI, genetics, cosmology
millville, new jersey, usa

Junior Hamid
Sorry for the distabance if you expected a man but I am a boy of age 13 but realy loves and can do anything in the name of science. I live with my Family and I have 2young sisters so that makes me the first born and the only boy. My phone no is 0713822128. Thanks for your time.
Arusha, Tanzania

cleatus hanby

Samuel Hanke
Good evening all started on a dark and stormy night when i was five. I was as bored as can be and didn't know what to do. Suddenly, as a streak of thunder flashed against the window...I became drowned by the urge to become like my brethren in the campy sci-fi movies i always saw on weekends. From then on, as you may know, the rest was history in the making
My Page
Newark, California, United States of America

Stephen Hantus
I am a Biochemisrty and Molecular Biology student at the University of Georgia. I will soon be enrolling in a MD/PhD program at the Medical of Georgia.

Nick Hargreaves
"In this scenario, once our universe grows beyond about 10-33 centimeters in size (the Planck scale), 10-43 seconds after quantum genesis, it evolves classically and can be completely described by general relativity. Prior to that moment, it cannot be described by general relativity, which tells us that within the Planck scale, space becomes 'infinitely small' and energy density becomes 'infinitely large.' To describe the precise physical conditions (e.g., temperature, density, volume) requires a quantum theory of gravity that is still forthcoming."
Eldoret,Rift Valley ,Kenya

David Harrington
I am a cryptozoologist, parapsychologist, and amateur astrobiologist with my own home-laboratory set up for the study of paranormal phenomena.
Gatesville, Tx. U.S.A.

Lee Harrison

Erin Harvey
Ontario, Canada

Donald Hastings
A one man think tank I am says I. I repair anything. Sort of a time warp mechanic. I use to enjoy space travel, but when something went wrong, the life support system computer would shut off my oxygen so that as I awoke, choking, I would bang my forehead on the glass cover. That was putes favorite joke. Every six months or so. "Let's wake up Tequila." And that tinny little laugh. Talk about mad.
Pacific Northwest

Monica Hauck
I am a college sophomore majoring in Environmental Studies with a double concentration in Environmental Policy and Forest Resources. I have wanted to be a mad scientist for as long as I can remember, am currently writing a research paper about the lack of women in the field of mad science.
Asheville, NC / Endicott, NY

Kevin Hayes
Working in the disciplines of Science, Art and everything in between to make the World in my image and subjugate the masses
Chicago, Illinois US

Jeff Haynes
EE at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Read "The Mad Scientists Club" 12 times.
Worcester, MA

Stephen Henderson

Angel Hermida
Ypsilanti, MI USA

Robert Hewes
Born 1955 in Boston, raised in So. Cal. JRROTC in High School,as well as dips into Boy Scouts and Cadet CAP. U.S.A.F. after High School, a run at business, two AA degress from L.A.V.C. Drive a truck and write and publish fiction and ham radio for hobbies.
Lucerne Valley, Ca.

Nigel Hey

Scott Hicks
Web page isn't up yet! but bm it anyway. Strictly a hobbiest, into Radio control projects (flying craft,hovering,etc..)Also Intersted in EMP, laser projects, etc.. Have a pretty good lab area now but upgrading rapidly. Have learned alot from Grandfather who is a mechanical genius, really. Would love to collaborate with someone in my area for a fun and learning experience.
East Providence, RI, USA

Robert Hobbs
As a high school photography teacher, my goal is to infect the minds of the leaders of tomorrow with memetic structures pertaining to archaic and obscure photo-alchemical processes and artistic madness. The future is ours to twist.
Beltsville, Maryland, USA

Ian Hogg
It is much better to be mad and know it, than to be sane and have one's doubts.

Michael P. Holdread
Dedicated to the advancement of humanity through invention and experimentation.
Elkhart,In USA

Dan Hoover
Philadelphia, PA

Nicola Houston
I am currently a third year student of biology so know about biological subject, but you probably have guessed that!

Adolphus Howitzer
I am well versed in the area of quantum mechanics, and am responsible for Stephen Hawking's confinement to a wheelchair. I am the most dangerous mind in this world, and all will cower before me when I subjugate this planet for my own ends.
Olympia, Wa

Paul Howland
Satellites, space, computers and mycology!!
Worcester England

Shaun Hughes
tinker, greaser, social scientist (on educational hiatus), poet, theorist, writer, but mostly just a nerd with more interests than time. interested in all areas of science. currently experimenting with sleep deprivation and high stress workplaces (on myself).
Bloomingtin, Illinois United States of America

Sherif Ibrahim
Current undergraduate student of biochemistry at University of MD. Aspiring Mad Scientist.
Frederick, Maryland, USA

I slap my neck. This makes me mad. I mold sound. This makes me a Scientists. I am a Mad-Scientists.
I'm not telling.....But I do live in the usa

Itsuki Ikkie
Mad Scientist Dr.Shigetto VS Interpol investigators! 3DCG Web-Stories, Movies, Comics, and... We are "Dr. Mad Shigetto" project's Members! Please open link & visit our member's wonderful sites. You can find funny original 3DCG-images. Dr.Shigetto is The Iron-man Mad Scientist

Xan Jagoe
Clandestine chemist specialising in toxins, chemical/bioweapons, pharmacology and explosives.
Western Australia

Andrew James
I am the King of Butte County, a musician, and a mortician.
Oroville, California

Beth Jensen
Three mad scientists in the family, now I am collecting letters at the end of my name while pondering the lack of female coworkers. I play god every day in the lab by making the elements do unprecedented things, and I like it!
Ames, IA, USA

Timothy Jensen
Working towards a BS in Computer Engineering at the University of Arizona. In my spare time, working on an Artificial Personality Project to replace my own natural personality in an attempt to gain friends.
Tucson, AZ, USA

John Joerg
Bledington, Oxfordshire, England

brett johnson
interested in using science to find ghosts - no ideas too mad for us - actually we are VERY SERIOUS about our work - we just like to try odd ideas !!
plymouth , devon , uk

David Johnson
Matlock, Derby, UK

Joe Johnson
Let's see, I'm a 16 year old teenager with frizzy brown hair and a residual slouch i received from too many video gaming hours. Most people say i look and talk like a mad scientist. Works for me. I read a lot of science fiction, play a lot of games, write as much as possible, and tend to be a very very odd child. Tee hee.
Fresno, Ca, United States.

John Kaela Johnston
I am building the ultimate weapon, a laser sighted-illuminated-bayonnet mounted aerosol aided rubber band fly killer. Tremble, world!
Manchester, UK, Europe

oley joseph
128 sweetberry ct

vesta joy
I experiment in my kitchen with food products that will not harm my animals. I have learned never to feed my dogs or cats left over food that I fed my family before they ran away.

Robert Juliano
subject to change, USA

George Kaplin
Working on electrogravitation, and succeeding!
mobile, alabama

Rick Kartz
I am a true Mad Scientist in every sense of the term. I am an educator of young minds as to the mysteries and endless wonder science does hold. My vision is to create a whole new generation of Mad Scientist that will be able to solve the worlds problems and mysteries. IMAGINE wasn't just a song it was a request that each of us should honor!
Milwaukee, WI USA

Patrick Kelley
Knows just enough science to be a danger to himself and others. Unfounded theories with no mathematical proof. Wild speculation a norm.
San Antonio, TX, USA

David Kennedy
Interested in or performing experiments in: high voltage beams, high voltage light production(especially UV), ball lightning, electrogravity, antigravity, antimatter, electrogravity propulsion, mind control, AI, Magik, The Montauk Project, and The Philadelphia Experiment(technical aspects).

Joshua Kennedy
I can achieve more now that I have become an honorary member of the Mad Scientists group. I told those admissions people at MIT I would get the last laugh!! Now look at whose the SCIENTIST!!

Kong Soo Khoo
I study toxins, coloured compounds and bioactive molecules from marine invertebrates, and keep marine fish as a hobby.
Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Jason Kimbler
With a double degree from MIT in Engineering, I am well trained in all manner of building things that can be considered mad MAD!
Fort Worth, Texas

Monroe King
I failed to win the X-prise whats next???
Port Lavaca, Tx 77979

TL King
True Female Scientisist
New Jersey

Sharon King-Majaury
As Director of Research and Development for The Mad Science Group in Montreal, Canada - I work as a "Mad Scientist" all day long!
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Richard Kingston
Just starting a new mid-life personna
Salt Lake City, UT

Arthur Kirkby
Johannesburg, South Africa

Sean Kirkpatrick
Huntsville, AL

robert bruce kiske
I LIKE SCIENCE I LIVE FORE SCIENCE BUT THEY DON'T GIVE A damned and my gilr frend left my and i wanna them to pay

Craig Klappauf

Maggie Klappauf
I'm 46 years old, working on my second degree. Im majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. AS the oldest member of the Pre-Med club here at school, I sometimes feel that the race is on to learn as much as I can before I start to forget everything. (I'm hoping to be a senior before I'm a senior;-). Science RULES!!
Albuquerque NM USA

Andrew Kohler
Studying Space Systems for a degree Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences Degree from the College of Engineering, University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Shane Korthals
I am not actually a mad scientist. I consider myself to be a mentally ill scientist with treatment. Shortly thereafter, I extensively researched Prozac to understand how it works. I like to study electronics, and right now am studying superheterodyning. I am thinking about getting a book on Fourier
St Cloud, Minnesota, USA


Chandan Kumar
I have just 3 words to say - Fascinated by science....
Kolkata,WB, India

Jack Lahue
Current research: Utilization of hydrogen for heating and power production. Jack of (almost) all trades, claim mastery in none. Background in: electronics, emergency management, nuclear warfare, business, education, political science, information management, communications, vocational education teaching and was a disk jockey while working at a Holiday Inn desk. Hobbies: raising parrots, assembling computers, woodworking, tinkering

Chris Langham
3 degrees (but can't sing) on in Law (but like breaking it) on on the way (but not pregnant). Oxford student (hoping for a boy)
Swindon, uk

Jack Lantern
Currently pursuing a degree in chemistry. I am interested in any chemical experiments, but I am especially interested in alchemy.
San Jose, CA/ USA

Chris Lawrence
I am a mad scientist currently teaching Chemistry and Physics in Sussex. I have a BA and PhD in organic chemistry from Cambridge University so I an qualified to perform all sorts of mad experiments.
Sussex, England.

Scott Lentini
23 Year Old Manager At Wal-Mart.

Bob Leong
Muhahahaha!! You didn't think it was possible!! But now you'll pay!! You'll all pay for laughing me out of the science convention!! Muhahahahahaha!!
N. Haledon/NJ/USA

boB Leth
Raising organic lifeforms with the hope that they develop into something more than just flightless birds. Extreme effort and care must be taken to ensure that genetic deficiencies (like liberalism) do not take place. Considered a work in progress, my pr oject is lifelong in nature. Soon they will be ready to un-leash unto the world. Angels and ministers of grace defend us.
Aura(where?), New Jersey/USA

A. Stephen Lewis
Ah so, Birds of a feather should flock together?? My interests lie with nutraceuticals/herbs and pathology. I presently have my own HPLC along with related equipment and fairly well stocked lab. Always willing to compare notes with vitually anyone. Has it every occurred to others that we aren't the MAD ones. Its the other guys!!!!
Kelligrews, Newfoundland (Canada)


Clyde Lofton
Interested in electropsychotic physics, and psychoacoustic physics. Interested in crude artificial intelligence, and its relation to perpetual motion, and perpetual energy, and eternal life. Interested in gyroscopic (angular) propulsion for antigravity/ countergravity; in regards to both disk ships, and to tetrahedral ships; and for the lift, levitation, and propulsion of such spacecraft; (for de-mystifying the neverending U.F.O. nonsense). Interested in large scale Tesla coils. Interested in large scale, high voltage D.C. generators too; Van De Graff, and Wimshurst. Interested in 'small' spaceship fabrication. Interested in alternative generator topology designs, for generators of higher efficiencies. Interested in the possibility of gravity/antigravity motors. Interested in V.L.F. radio. Want to do graveyard experiments; (even if it might be complete hogwash; pseudoscience). Enough said!
Tulsa, Ok. U.S.A.

Alisdair Logan
Chemistry student with delusions of grandeur, and dreams of world subjugation. Unofficially insane (they haven't caught me yet).
East Kilbride, Scotland

Gabriela Logan

Scott Logan
I teach children the fun side of science thru hands on experiments here in the North Texas area. Scott Logan aka Professor Brainius Team Family
Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

Debra Lowe
Due to a bizarre series of events, I have been employed by a public school as a science teacher. This is only one step toward my eventual world domination and/or pillow fight. Actually, the whole "science teacher" bit just keeps people from getting too suspicious. I use it as an excuse for everything, and it placates the minds of those who would quake at the truth.
Salt Lake City, UT

Daniel Ma
to be a mad scientist must have great creativity, imagination and brave, i have them all
duluth, GA, USA

Christopher Mabie
My work includes paranormal engineering, biometric devices, and macabre animatronics.
San Martin, CA, USA

Ian W. H. MacLeod
Renowned for advocacy of invasive ergonomic research.
Omaha, NE, USA

john maldonado
a mad visionary , robotic simulator ,Environmental Solutions , My Newest Called Flash/Tax And Many New Tool Concepts,I am a Visionary, ALL MY FRIENDS TELL ME TO GO ON THE T/V SHOW INVENTIONS, WELL I WOULD BECOME THE NEW HOST I HAVE SOMANY GREAT CONCEPTS .. NEED HELP CONTACT ME THRU EMAIL

Darren Male
Environmental Engineer (Civil Engineer turned Environmnetal manager), desperatly forlorn as all my former nemesis's now have spouses!! Researching the environmental impact of outdoor pursuits on conseravtion, and its affects on SSSI's, how water quality affects water-based recreation, how the world works et al!!
Birmingham, England

Dr. Anthony Maranto
Mostly mad but only marginally evil. Chemist by training with background in environmental science, molecular biology, chemical/biological weapons defense. Side interests in geology, physics, oceanography and many others. A bit of a polymath.

Jack Marley
Research analyst/chemist
Knoxville, Tennessee/USA

James Martin
Been a Mad Scientist(tm) since childhood with electronics. That was many years ago, now I wreak digital havoc via Software Engineering mostly. =)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jeff Maslin
Interested in studying the unseen activities occurring all around us. While monitoring the Earth's local magnetic field have observed anomalies 24 to 72 hours prior to earthquakes. Multiple inventions (particularly involving magnetism - but not limited to) - no patents at this time, but 1 invention related to EV's belongs to an international company. Interested in others views on electromagnetic wave properties.
Simi Valley, CA USA (Originnally from Milwaukee,

Sara Mastros
Pittsburgh, PA

Sam Mathews
In the process of setting one up.
Smyrna, Georgia USA

Mark Maxham
Redwood City/CA/US

Marie-Eve Mazerolle
Hi all, I'm a 3D modeler who creates models out of blueprints. Since most of the blueprints are future technologies, I consider myself a Mad Scientist!

Greg McBRide
Anyone that sees the over-arching social distribution, culturally, as the various components of a global personality, can email me. Gaia, or any other name, can be felt and seen if we would only just listen to each other. We are the eyes, ears, heart and hopes, sharing ideas, and living off of each others experience. The genius of the planet, is greater than any single awareness, active within its folds. If you want to know why Gaia does not talk to or acknowledge us directly, just ask the cells that make up your elbow. Wait, you can't talk to them? Does that mean you do not exist?
No Home page yet
San Antonio, TX

Jack McCarty
Loves science
Milan, KS, United States

Steven G. McClintock
As a biology student I am particularly interested in the varying lengths of time which selected organic items can last in an 850w microwave. Next up, bivalves from the phylum mollusca!

Gary McConkey

Daren McCormick
Harrisburg, PA

Paul Matthew McDermott
Interested in radical politics, weird music, and physics. Working on a plan to usurp dominion over the SpaceTime Continuum from the Sea Monkeys Of Mu. Likes Italian food, although a vegetarian. Favourite colour is Yellow. Pretty female lab assistant required!
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Bob McElroy
I am a social scientist--My home page is my Unified Human Behavior study--which explains why things are so bad and what to do about it.
West Monroe--LA--USA

jimi mckinzie
i am currently a student at antioch college. i have always fancied myself a pseudo-scientist. some of my experiments have included: seamonkies and lights/sound reactions, building radio's from copper wire, the dissection and reprogramming of a furby, some chemistry and biology experiments, and have played alot with tesla's and leonardo's ideas.....i know alot of useless trivia on obscure science experiments of the past generations, such as, cold-fusion power, reanimation, and military invisibility projects. einstein once said imagination is more precious than knowledge, and i live by this law. the world is more than we see it as. everything is fractal.....
yellow springs...ohio.....u.s.a.

Matthew McLaughlin
Quality control inspector, draftsman, CNC machinist/programmer, weirdo. I really should work on that website. . .
Long Island, New York

Jeff McNew
w00p :)
Va Beach Va USA

Daphne Mcpherson

Michael Meadows
Dallas, TX

Toni Mesplay
Certified crazy person interested in jillions of different things, thrilled and delighted to be a mad scientist.
Portland, OR USA

Geneva Milbourne
Often you can find me angry at scientists. Not so that I am mad, just a bit insane. They took my "Love-me Jacket" off last week but now I think I may need it again. I have teenagers at home, I'm alone and I quit smoking 2 months ago. Yes I have been known to try to rule the world, therapy is helping.
Yucca Valley, California, USA

Christophe Mille
Computer Science student in Trinity College Dublin who once was sane, but now due to the overwhelming workload of his course has gone completely bonkers!!
Dublin, Ireland

Nathan Miller
Wuzzup. I am only in 8th grade but still i am science crazy so I take the title of the "mad scientist" to myself and others. I am the son of a bio. major and a engineering major.
Richmond, Virginia

Scott Miller
Santa Maria, CA, USA

Stefan Mircea
I am a neuroscientist and I am interesting of the time and the mind.

John Mize
Phd .,The pennsylvania state university,1979 Sc.D. The University of toronto,1981. Licensed psychologist, ohio #3430
Parma Heights, ohio, U.S.A.

alan moore

Frank Moore
WOW!! And it only took me 8 Years to find this place. Currently working with LA-ICP-MS for analysis of SiC and Ceramics
Decatur, TX USA

Sarah Morgan-Evans
Female ... Older than Mother Earth and withering. Doing research on going young!
Southern most tip of Texas, somewhere in space

samuel morris
Is it so wrong to dream of my own race of atomic supermen who feed on the life and suffering of others to sustain their unholy existance? Did I just send myself blasphemous thoughts back in time?? no no.. got to focus now what was that interesting thing agian.. the worst part of having a multitasking mind is figuring out what task I am doing now... I sleep but it is only to make the delusions go away. And mabey to rest a little now and agin. Quantum mechanics and the possibility of transhumanism are my halmarks.. have a nice day.
saint louis

Gerry Morrow
I am a Mad Scientist in training, I'm 15 so I'm not very knowledgeable in most major scientific fields. I'm interested in Zoology, Herpetology, and crazy experimentation's. And if you want a mad scientist e-mail thing, just sign up at
Ledyard,CT USA

Richard Morrow
Cheshire, England

carla mouse

Hillary Mucheru
A mad scientist from Africa!You don't see that often.Especially not a native teenager from Sub-Saharan Africa.Well gear up for a shock coz here I am ,the mad scientist of your dreams -or is it nightmares.....guess we'll find out soon.
Nairobi , Kenya

Josehf Lloyd Murchison
I am a well-educated tinker and an inventor that has created a monster spices of garlic. I do weapon research in advance weapons technology, coil guns, rail guns, directed energy weapons and the like. My latest work is on a solar powered particle accelerator.
Shelburn Ont Canada

Matthew Murray
St. John's/Newfoundland/Canada

Andrew Mutton
Coventry, UK

Jenv Nagy
student in psychology,( almost normal)
Nancy / France

May Neal

Trevor Nestor
Local Mad Scientist in Simi Valley, California but moved up to UC Berkeley because pursuing a degree in Electronics Engineering and Computer Science. Built an audio modulated tesla coil, a device that generates energy from trash through peltier cells and gasification, mods video games, builds random stuff etc. Old experiments: .
Find the facebook

Michael Niemand
mad to the bone!

Tom Niemczura
My latest nefarious scheme is to seed clouds with mushrooms, for reasons that should be obvious.
Friendswood, Texas, USA

Indiana Night
I always use an alias. I am just a crazy mad Scientist. So crazy, since I have no formal training, they are to bizzar to even go into. The only one who has every been harmed were a couple of my suspicious friends who drank one of my mixes. They were in a blackout for 3 days and are now leading members of their own AA group. LOL I hope you find time to include me to your group if nothing else I will help you laugh more, either at yourselves or towards me. Respectfully, IndianaNight
North Carolina, United States of America

DR . clifford nightshade
one mans junk .is another mans thermonuclear device !

Martijn Nijkamp
Revision won birds by swinging feathers up the tobbogan.
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

William nonya
A cosmologist of sorts. Looking to collaborate on paradigm shifting proofs... Anyone interested in ironing out the 314% of reality most people miss send me an email.

Homer Noodleman III
Working on time warp technology, portable lobotomy rays, and particle beam waeponry
Peculiar, Missouri,USA

Matthew Okin
i am mad scientist. Mwa ha ha ha!!!
Philadelphia, PA USA

Sasha Oliver

Dale Olon-West
Professional Web Designer. Previous career as a Plastics Engineer. Amatuer interest in Physics, Cosmology, Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering.
Fredonia, New York, USA

Paolo Omodei-Zorini
Pilot and Aerospace scientist.
Vercelli, Italy

Why are we bothering with Mas, we know there's nothing there, why plan an expensive yet defeatist mission to a barren piece of rock? we should be going to Europa - 'cept we've been told to make no landing there... rules are for breaking, I guess - Gruff G us

Kryss Oroborus
Matthews, NC

Windell Oskay
We are working hard to increase the number of Evil Mad Scientists in the world. Stay tuned, and stay mad!
Sunnyvale, CA USA

Shoun Otis
I used words and images to try and alter the common state of mind through artistic endeavors, some call it my "Mad Scientist routine", I see it as trying to use art as a science experiment in changing one's thought process to coincide with my own and become something of a clone of my thoughts for a few brief moments.
Denver, CO

caren p

Santanico Pandemonium
Dr. Santanico Pandemonium specialises in the reanimation of dead tissue. Her first ever experiment was on one of her lecturers at university, which didn't go over big with the rest of the staff. Since her rejection from the world of science, she has become bitter and hateful and vows revenge on society at large, although she plans someday to keep Jeffrey Combs as a pet.
Arkham, Massachusetts

Jim Park
I think it's time that we mad scientists formed a group of our own. It's sort of like the Justice League except none of us have super powers, we prefer lab coats over spandex body suits, and we don't really care much about Justice. What IS Justice anyway? Besides, lab equiptment is EXPENSIVE! This way, we could all share! Yay!

tod parker

Doktoro Parsons
Your Tepaphon will never work, a Radionic death weapon is pseudo-scientific madness. Mad? Mad you say? I'll show you, I'll show you all. Soon the whole world will fear my name. I also enjoy programming in Brainf*ck, and kittens.
Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

David M. Patterson
Physicist, Musician, Programmer. Mad. Wrong. No. Yes. Electrogravity, Grey, AI, C++, DHTML, CSS-P, Javascript, Jelly Belly, Unix, Vorlon, Shadow, Booger, Kosh. Rachel.
San Mateo, CA, USA

Donnie Perdue
Livingston,TN 38570

Walter Perrine
Walter Perrine has worked in many feilds and has multiple patents including A recoilless pistol, recoilless large caliber grenade launcher, the "Arm-blaster" and other exercise devices, etc. He is trained in multiple martial arts and reputedly has a working design for an anti-gravity device. He can be abrasive to some, but is truly brilliant. His website sucks, though.The webmaster did squat.
4949 W. Northern Ave. Apt#223 Glendale, AZ. 85301

Michael Pesa
MWhahahahahhaha! ;)
Paramus, NJ

Robert Peters
Currently a graduate physicist at Montana State University. I have worked on such projects as an Amazing Jello Laser, and a Evil Death Ray (a classic ruby laser, so named because of the press coverage of Dr. Maiman's origional creation in the 60's.)
Bozeman, MT

Rock Peterson
I am a man of limited faith, yet I believe in unlimited potential. The only way to tap that potential is to explore what we think impossible until we find a way to make it possible. What most "normal" scientists forget is that science is about discovery of the unknown, not it's denial.
El Cajon, CA

Jennifer Phiffer
Working on time machine/thermodynamics project
Los Angeles, CA, United States

Ryan Pollitt
12 snowfield dr
glassboro, NJ

Adrian Pop

Jeffrey Porter
Sandusky, OH

Bob Potter
I have a interest in building large orbital weapons platforms for asteroid 'reduction' and of course world domination. My other ambition is to play the super villain in a Bond film (and win of course). Fools! I'll show them all. I'm not mad, just more imaginative.
Bristol, U.K.

Lisa Prendy

John Prieur
Scientific Interests: 4th sptial dimension, taguchi method, human organizational systems (fantastic solutions to), life, the universe, and everything. Profession: Software Engineer. BS: Computer Science
(none yet)
Baldwinsville, NY

Magic World Publishers
We support all mad scientists, mad magicians, psychics, and their assistants and henchmen.

Meghan Pyke
Learning mad scientist, intent on bringing the world to its knees by the skillful manipulation of utter nonsense. However I have found out recently that I have been beaten to such a goal by several tabloid newspapers. I will now retire to chaseing pinochio fantasies. Goodbye.

Vladek R
Friends tell me that I am mad, but I am not sure. Some of my ideas are maybe strange to some.
Darwin, NT, Australia

Daniel Ragsdale
My handle is Doctor Madd. My favorite quote: "I want Decapitations!" My ambition? To sell board games that I have invented.
Camden, Tennessee, United States

krishnaraj ramasamy

Newton Rasputin

Jim Raven
Provide emergency medical care kits for vampires, ghouls, werewolves, witches, et al because monsters need first aid too!
Seattle, WA USA

Kenneth Raymond
A mad social scientist, whose plans include the use of sociological and psychological knowledge to manipulate groups and individuals into carrying out his insane plots for him.
Potsdam, NY, USA

Joe Reda
You'd almost have to be a Mad Scientist to have as many boxes of vacuum tubes around as I do! Other interests include psychotronics, time-travel devices, and other such weird science.
Heyworth, Illinois, USA

Edward Reese
GIVEN: (1)science is what mankind has so far observed and measured in the natural universe, (2)science has not observed or measured every natural phenomenon in the universe, and (3) magic is anything that is not science THEN: magic is real! Q.E.D.
Milwaukee, WI, USA

Denn!s Regling
Professional magician and educational speaker. Perform science assemblies at over 300 elementary schools every year. The "Magic of Science" and "Chemistry: It Really Matters." Sell chemistry based magic tricks on ebay.
Freeport, Ohio USA

james reis
monroe, la usa

Brittani Rhodes
I am looking for others in my area to mesh brains with.
Omaha, Nebraska

Amy Richardson
Cincinnati, OH USA

Ooh Rita
Currently undertaking a quasi-experimental designed research into classical conditioning, i.e., the effects on perfusion of erectile tissue in the human male, given the variable of the black leather basque on the female form. Pavlov`s dogs and Skinner`s rats to be used as parallel paradigms.
Manchester, UK.

Andy Roberts
Inventor of the mobile mini microwave oven for cars, boats, RV's etc. Now working on solutions to environmental problems e.g. shrinking the humans to the size of ants etc.
London UK

Sean Robertson

Sean Robertson
Statesmen,Naturalist, Biologist Arachnologist, Friend of the working girl. All are wellcome to email me...I have my own lab as small as it is its mine...mine do you hear mine, Mine!!!..... "Never under estimate the powers of the fat kid who has a little determination and a definite misunderstanding of reality." -Lowell Withers

Stuart Robertson
Creator of various web experiments, tools, and scripts.
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Robena Robinett
NASA consultant, graphics design, rock hound, astronomer, Earth Systems teacher, Global Systems, poet, entomologist, emergency response team member (BioHazard, Chemical Hazard, Disasters). I lead world tours, July 2003 Australia New Zealand and Fiji. Ready to be of service. Home Page coming in September (re-working it).

Robena (Robbie) D. Robinett
I teach high School science and I am very interested in Biospheric Studies. I have done internships at UC/Berkeley at UMD/CP and just finished a course at JHU with MD Space Grant Consortium. My students think I am the ultimate Mad Scientist!!
Ridgely, Maryland 21660-1815

Oleg Rogov
My inventions: station-powered microwave cannon, ionisation gun; antigravity effect device (patented) now checking.
Moscow, Russia

Dave Roscoe

Justin Ross
I may not be to keen on inventing or tinkering but I do constently envision a new world, a world that I helped to create. I just know that there is something out there to intrigue everybody but nobody has tapped into it, my research continues

Craig Rowden
Springfield, MO

Erik Ruggles
Mad scientist currently seeking doctoral enligtenment in natural product synthesis. I'm already a mad master scientist, but that just was not enough.
Lansing, MI (USA)

Benita Ryan
Swansea,Ma 02777

Paul S
Sarasota, Florida, USA

M. S.
I'm a Mad Scientist ..yay!!
Mentor,Ohio, USA

michael samarzia
denver colorado

Curtis Sancartier
I need a think tank, anyone interested?

Khalid Saqr
Assumptions.... deceptions we make to convince ourselves that we can generalize a single "mathematical" lie to define or describe a large dissimilar naturally occurring phenomenon.... Discrimination...?!... Definitely, ...!!! Every single physical phenomenon has the right to have an absolutely independent mathematical description....
Johor, Malaysia

Franz Schmelzer
I am a staff clinical pharmacist at a community hospital. My observations over the years have lead me to believe that many currently available medical therapies would be much more effective if patients were concomittantly exposed to high-output electromag netic phenomena during treatment.
Troy, MI USA

M. Scientist
There's not much to tell, really. I like walks on the beach, scotch old enough to vote, dictators, despots, and exothermic reactions.
undisclosed location

Crystal Scott
I study neural cell morphogenesis in the best darn xenopus lab in the world...
Charlottesville, VA

Brandon Seah
I'm a geek on the warpath, striving to understand the world around me through the Forces of Science, and shooting down anyone who may stand in the way of my goal! Mad science forever!

Ana Sexton

Esaran Shadowclaw
I study endlessly on my projects, finding the incompetency of humanity troubling, but ignoring others for my studies in human Gene alteration therapy and various other items....

Anita Shaffer

Jitendra SHARMA
Tall, dark, handsome and pretty MAD (My Adorable Darling) to some. Love physics, chemistry and biology, all the essential ingredients for a mad-mad time. Currently working on a TOP SECRET project.
Lion City, Singapore

Laurence Shaw
Obgyn with interest in fertility, endometriosis and endoscopic surgery

Jsn Sheehan
i am currently observing the effects of rainforest plant allies on quantum physics and the interrelationships between this reality, the dreamworld, and the end of time. This study includes information regarding crop circles and the ufo phenomenon, and how these things relate to human psychology and the Gaia entity. i hope to reach a conclusion as to how exactly reality is created by the observer.
None yet
Monerey CA USA

Ruby Sheffer
Phoenix, Arizona USA

Ali Shehryar
hey i'm shehryar.I'm in 7th grade and i love science
don't have any

Ali Shehryar

Troy Shelley
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

S.P. Shukla
I am doing Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from Civil Engineering Department of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. I have alredy aquired the degrees of B.E.(Civil) from MMMEC Gorakhpur in 1987 and M.E.(Civil) with specialisation in Environmental Engineering from University of Roorkee in 1987. I have joined lecturership in Civil Engineering Department of Institute of engineering and Technology, Lucknow in 1989. Presently I have taken study leave for completing my Ph.D.
Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

jasmeet singh
a person who believes in god(for me god is the infinite power within us) and understands himself(physical constraints) can revolutionise the world ,i personally like to do things that no one else has yet done or things which others say is impossible!
new delhi , india

Jess Slate
I'm a mad scientist. It runs in my family. In every generation on my father's side of the family is a mad scientist. My great grandfather invented corned beef. My aunt is a HS Science teacher and a professor of chemistry. I, on the other hand, am mad with my music.
Miami, FL, USA

Preston Slaton
I have designed robotic arachnids that jump onto people's heads, remove the top of the skull, and control the body through electric shocks, and metal legs applied to certain areas of the brain. Designed them for fun, no plan to build them yet!!!
Dallas, Texas

J.W. Sloan
IM a MAD Scientist because i get acid on myself all the time. It burns like crazy but i cant help it. I have two MAD scientist friends and a bunch of wannabes.
Charleston, WV USA

Look at my website, that is all you need to know.
Houston, Tx USA

Kate Smiley
July 27th is Talk like a Mad Scientist day. Mad scientists rock. Yeah!
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

spencer smith
mobile, alabama

Dennis Soja
Los AngelesCA USA

Deepesh Soni
Hello, My name is Depesh Soni and I am from Mumbai, India. I am studying Zoology and Marine Science from the university of Mumbai and want to do some research in Oceanology in future.
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Deepesh Soni
Hi, I am Deepesh Soni from Bombay, India. Presently I am pursuing my course in Zoology from the university of Bombay.
Bombay, Maharashtra, India.

Hang Jian Soo
Are U mad? I'm mad! Lets all get mad in science!
Republic of Singapore

Andrey Sotnikov
I never considered myself mad, but I wouldn't hide he fact that I am extremely weird and all my ideas and project are very bizarre, dangerous and highly abstract. I'd love to be a member of Mad Scientists.
Santa Cruz, CA, USA, 95064

Charlie Spinifex
I am an icredibly crazy person, with dreams of universal evil dictatorship and golden prospects in my chosen field of excentric billionarie. oneday I will rule the wourld mwhahahahahaha.....sigh...oneday
sydney NSW Australia

Scott Springer
Believe it or not, my job description includes duties such as finding experiments that will make the most mess, the most noise, and are generally just cool to see! I'm a program developer within the research dept. for my company, so I guess that makes me a Mad Scientist by trade.
Montreal, QC, Canada

Sean Springer

Howard Stacey
I work in Pharmaceutical R&D and have an interest in Pharmacology Particularly in the field of cardiology
Tunbridge Wells/ Kent

Edison Star

Natalie Stark

Sabin Starwolf
I am a fledlging mad scientist, (Hell, I don't even have my own lab or lair yet)but I have to be a great one someday.


Elvia Stevens

Jeff Stevens
I am a comicbook writer/artist and transhuman researcher. I currently am experimenting upon myself with various vitamin and herbal based protocols in the pursuit of enhancement and immortality.

dr. strangelove
save the mutant gene, die homogeny, mutate to survive.

John Stringfellow
Austin, TX, USA

Margarita Strong

Alexander Sulanke
I am currently a student at BSU. I am quite mad and once I have completed my training THE WORLD SHALL BE MINE!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!! Flesh is weak, the weak shall perish...
Yorktown, Indiana

mhafuza sultana

Dr Svengali
All work and no play make Jack a dull boy...

Caren Swain
A bee-keeping,bungee-jumping, ballet-dancing family practitioner who, late at night,makes her OWN medicines in her secret lab under the chicken coop. You wonder why there are no more chickens? Fools!
Don't have one yet
Peralta, New Mexico, USA

Traci Takacs
Buffalo, NY

Jacob Tatay
I am a Mad-scientist in training. Taking biology and computer science courses, at both Bradford HS, and UW Parkside. I love to learn. My hobbies include Ham Radio (KC8ALV), Science, and Computers. "Insane and damn proud of it!" Also, believes in God.
Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States, Earth

Aidin Tavakoli
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Felipe Tavares
Mad programmer and scientist. Transistors, cryptography and languages.
Sydney, Australia

Christine Taylor
I am proud to say that I teach and encourage young mad scientists! My specialist lessons include; Maniacal Laughter (NVQ level 2), "Fidgetting and Stuttering for the Beginner" and the highly successful, "Total Disregard for Health & Safety" course. I like Biology, and would not spit on Chemistry if it was on fire.
Essex, England

Danny Taylor
After spending many happy hours growing a third leg I have decided that biology(and necrophilia) are not for me. Therefore I have remained a true scientist and have decided to remain a complete bastard to all the students that I teach. Would anyone like to join me in a life of complete student humiliation at all academic levels?
Essex, England

William Taylor
Retired Mfg Mgr textiles. From sweep the floor to Plt Mgr. Also Quality / R&D Mgr. BS Clemson (1974), MBA Jacksonville State (1995), ASQ CQE, Pvt Pilot. I write too, ebooks available from Some of it is smut, some is very good. I currently teach computer science at Univ of South Carolina.
Spartanburg, SC

Morgan Thomas
My expertise is in the study and practice of the conversion of petrochemical products into fun using a variety of internal combustion apparatus, with a side project in the conversion of rubber into smoke and long black marks. I take apart cars and put the bits back together in different combinations because I can. Sometimes it even works.
Boojum's Lair, Melbourne, Australia

Brett Thompson
I believe that we can know everything, or at least know where to find out about everything. I believe nothing is beyond our potential. And, I believe that the term VICTIM is misapplied in if the alleged abuse is in the name of science.
Southport, Queensland, Australia

Jason Thompson
Portland, Maine, USA

dracq thorne

Crawford Tillinghast
Perhaps best known from my Ultra-Violet Resonator, I also specialize in all forms of non-terrestrial physics. Now working on Non-Euclidian based laws of the universe through a grant supplied by anonymous donors. Always looking for postgraduate physics students seeking research on the cutting edge.
Arkham, MA

Amanda Tolson
Will soon do something great. Under the command of Robena Robinett. Look out NASA
Denton, Maryland

Jeremy Totten
Well versed in current Electrogravitational theories, Quantum Theory, High Voltage Experimentation, Computers and computer simulations, Biological experimentation, almost all of Tesla's work, and alchemy. Self Educated and proud of it(like I would let THE M tell me what to think)And truely believe I fit the Mad Scientist mold(there IS one??)

Wilson Tse

Rehjin Tuballes
General Santos City, Philippines

David Turner
I have been conducting research into fringe alternative energy sources for 7 years. Founder and leader of Aeonova, an initiative to bring an open-source energy solution to the world. My endeavours have yielded a variety of new technologies, most of which harness and create a new form of energy which many in the field have called scalar energy. It is a cold fire of pressure created from the perpetual spins of atomic components. I will be unveiling some of these technologies soon. Contact me for further information.
Brentwood, TN USA

Dr. Uberfragger
I am conducting secret experiments in time travel, in order to go back in time to frag my opponents before they frag me. Also, I wake up sometimes and my hair has this real "mad scientist" look to it.

The world is mine, it just needs fixing.

Gene Valido
Hello...I've decided that it's time to come out of retirement and return to public life. We experiment on making Furbies and ready for 25th century warfare. It will probably take that long!
Tampa, Fl. USA

sai valluri
i am mech eng student. i want to be good eng by observing practicals. and i am a sensitive person.

Vanessa Van Huessen
Ocala, Fl USA

Joseph Varino
Monroe, LA/Ouachita USA

Bart Velsen
Even as a newcomer to the world of (mad) science, I am already renowned as a dr. in genetics (remember the human ears on a mouse?), biology, and psychiatrickery. I joined this guild so I could meet other legends in my field of work,

Sunil Kumar Verma
I am a Molecular Biologist and Biotechnologist, presently working as Scientist in India. My area of work is wildlife conservation and related aspects like development of molecular markers for wildlife identification and wildlife forensics. I am a MAD (Most Ambitious & Devoted) Scientist!!! Bye see you....

Chris Vernon
Computational Physics student at the University of York!

bryan Vetter
Transumation is my main hobbie, secound is Electric Propulsion
Lake Elsinore, Ca

Benjamin Vickers
Self-proclaimed mad genius and by far the greatest mind in the world to ever don a tin foil hat, I've allowed a few of my experiments to be recorded by some insignificant playwright...
Champaign, IL USA

Jerry Volland
Phoenix, AZ, USA

Neil Wagner
I am currently a senior at the Central Shenandoah Valley Regional Governor's School where I take Modern Physics, Advanced Technology, and Differential Equations. I plan on attending some engineering school but for the moment I enjoy tinkering.
Waynesboro, Va USA

Hayden Walker
A hobbyist who enjoys dabbling in many fields
Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada

Steven Wallace
I am into astronomy, I have a telescope, I have become very deep into computers and the net, I am doing physics at school, maths and computing ect... I would not say I was a mad scientist but I think I could be one some day.
Dundee, Tayside, Scotland.

Dale Waller
I am spearheading diligent research into the development of an antiperpetual motion engine, it being my thesis that all of the annoying perterbations of our surroundings are the result of incessant and infernal perpetuations of mechanical escapisms of all sorts and descriptions. And it is our undying principle of operation to silence these abominations of noisome existence. So be.
Evansville, Indiana USA

Andrew Walters
bringing MOSHIACH! entering Higher States Of Conciousness, through Personal Victories, Gemoro, Kabbalah, Programming, Telecomunications, Pyrotechnics, Mycology THE ZIONISTS ARE FINISHING OFF WHAT HITLER STARTED! MOSHIACH IS COMING TODAY! s'shpilt di luft mit lilaglekelekh oyf vayte lonkes, der zumer shmekt mit biter-reye fun vildn monmit farendiker, heyser erd un
London UK

Angela Warner
Don't be angry. Now, where do I place my tiara wile I adjust my positron microscope?

Megalith Warthog
I go by my E-name for good reasons, humor me. I am a mad scientist, and moreover a mad engineer. We all know of Captain Nemo and his story. I am of the similar bent. I love to theorize, design, and build impossible vehicles. Or at least impossible for those that cannot bear to dare. I currently am working on a streetable 220mph capable, armored, speed detection invisible 1967 Plymouth Fury. Other projects include a type of flying boat called a WIG-V, and finding further evidence that ufo's may be steam powered. I am co-designing several modified motorcycles while I write the first American manga feature length animation. Yes this is for real. If you are interested in any of these things ..lets chat!
Mershon, GA

Clyde Wary
Some of my interests include: electronics and radio communications, chemistry, astronomy, psychology, parapsychology and religion/mysticism. See my Yahoo club profiles under "pack_rat2" and "kc5blf."
Socorro, New Mexico USA

LeLand Weber
I only have a high school education, but my imagination is out of this universe!
Laramie Wyoming

Damion, Xerxes Weiss

Leann Wells

T.E. Wells
Dedicated to bettering ourselves and always striving to give our very best in whatever we do. We will continue to push ourselves by all means available to us. By bettering ourselves we will better the world.
San Jose, CA USA

Mark Wenzel
Mark Wenzel with 30 years of fair, festival and theme park experience, portrays the mad scientist Professor Wes Weasely. Known for it's weird effects in movie soundtracks and even pop songs, the Theremin's unique tone modulation is now availible for your guest' enjoyment. By simply waving one's hands around the electromagnetic antenna, audiences young and old are enthralled as they individually create distinct sounds, ranging from spooky to whimsical to spacey...
Los Angeles, California USA

Paul Westenberg
Interested in biology (genetics), art, technology, physics and cute rabbits.
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Keith Weston
Jacksonville, FL


Brad Whittet
Goal: Furthering the fields of psychology and neurobiology without the damnable restrictions those short-sighted fools on the ethics board have constrained us with.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Cabes Will
Knowledge is Power! Create and gather as much as possible. Become your perfect me. Become GOD!
Munich Germany

AJ Williams
My website is not yet complete, but already quite weird. I specialize in radioactive stuff, it's kind of a hobby of mine. My idea of a great vacation is a self-guided tour of a nuclear power plant. Of course I am also greatly interested in all the branches of science; in particular, microbiology, chemistry, geology and astrophysics. "Better living through chemistry!" E-mail is quite welcome, as long as you aren't just spamming me.

Felicia Williams
San Diego, CA

Chanda Windsor
biology major/chemistry minor * proud mad scientist girl
Chickasha, OK

June Wingert
Currently working in Research doing the clinical lab work on all sorts of interesting species.
Houston, Texas

Edwin Wise
I am building a giant, 6-legged, killer robot. I must be mad.
Austin, Texas (USA)

Theodore S. Wodoslawsky
Mad Scientist with the receipts to prove it! Personal Motto: "Better Living Through Chemistry." Also a member of: The Mensa Society, Amnesty International, The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Jews for the Preservation of Firmarms Ownership, Nat ional Rifle Association, DMDA.
Mentor, Ohio USA

Dan Wolak
I go to Eastern Michigan U. and I am a geophysics major. And, because of the workload this semester, I can safely say I have gone mad. Some of my current interests are FTL travel, AI, cyborgs, and putting a man on mars...
Ypsilanti, MI USA

Bob Wolfley
Cocoa, Fl. USA

Jacqualine Wright
Currently finishing MS in nutritional toxicology at cornell where I worked on nutritional problems of black rhinos. Hope to start phd this spring working with dendrobatid frogs (any type of frog actually) in the field of chemical ecology.

Jess Wrigley
i love science!

Dr. Xeon
I'm not really a scientist, but I have great admiration for those who are. I like to make gadgetry as art (or is it art as gadgetry?) and am studying computer repair. I hope to have a website someday soon displaying all my projects.
Columbus, OH, USA

Stanislav Zaharieski

Steve Zeitler
Marlinton Wv. USA

Andrew Zeno
I am a mad scientist of sound and experemental as well as conventional electronic music.

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